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We’re all well aware that getting on our bikes is one of the most environmentally-friendly methods of transport we can choose. Even so, the industry that supports cycling still has a long way to go to combat climate change. This is why we're committed to doing our bit to shift the balance back in favour of the environment. Here at Velobici we feel a responsibility to push forward with a sustainable narrative on as many fronts as we possibly can. In doing so, we hope to inspire others, including you, to do the same. Paying it forward in the most environmentally friendly way possible. To this end we commit to improving sustainability throughout our production process, from the materials we use to our supply chain and logistics partners. We know we are not there yet, and we face challenges in meeting our objectives, but each move we make towards our sustainability goals is one done for the benefit of the environment.


The process of manufacturing Velobici products is one that demands considerable resources. We pledge to take a full audit of our entire production process to help identify where and how we can reduce our impact on the environment.


We've always believed that people are the soul of Velobici. That is why we have pledged to provide a fair standard of pay to all of our workforce and to operate an apprenticeship programme to enable future generations to become master in their craft.


Our push towards sustainability starts with the production process, and we have initiated an audit of our materials library using the industry-recognised Higgs Index to begin to gauge the sustainability of our fabrics. Our ultimate aim is for all of the materials we use to be Blue Sign and Oeko Tex certified and to work with factories that produce recycled and eco friendly materials.


Velobici products are the opposite of fast, disposable fashion. We believe in the products that transgress time, that possess a style level of quality that will provide years of dependable service.

Trees for Life

Among the many measures we’re putting in place is the planting of a tree for every 10kg of packaging we ship. This is but a small step, and we’re working full-on to make sure we introduce similar initiatives across the business that will make Velobici the most sustainable business in our sector.
Velobici cycling apparel is designed and manufactured in England using sustainably-sourced fabrics. We value craftsmanship and sustainability. It is our goal to run a carbon neutral operation by 2025.