We’re breathing new life into our René jersey, with a completely new version for the cooler months. The new long-sleeved René features a thicker thermal loopback fabric to help keep the chills at bay as well as a host of features designed to provide winter protection. Read on to discover what we’ve done.


Aside from the familiar colour and that unmistakable logo script, not much of the original René remains. The obvious difference is the sleeves of course, but elsewhere we’ve used the same weight of fabric as our Van Chilli and Guilder jerseys, which have great windproof and insulating properties due to the tight weave. 

We’ve also produced a set of bib shorts to complement our René Thermal Jersey. Made from our new VB/Pro-TI1 performance fabric which features a double-layer construction, the shorts trap air between the two layers to provide incredible insulation with 4-way stretch comfort. Wear with our VB Zip Thermal Leg Warmers for total winter protection.


Chris Puttnam, Vélobici founder, explains: “The René has proven to be one of our most popular lines, but it’s a warm-weather jersey, with a lightweight fabric and short sleeves.  We’re often approached by customers asking for a version with long sleeves so this year we decided to do something about it. This is the result.”


This is a 3-season jersey (autumn/winter/spring), is extremely versatile, and it has been designed to be ridden in temperatures from as cold as 3/4º up to 15/16º which means it will be ideal not only for the current riding conditions in the UK but also those warmer autumn or spring days where your summer jerseys just don’t cut it. Pair it with a Remy or Alfie gilet for added protection.

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