Winter Gloves

Soft, breathable neoprene gloves to keep your hands warm on cold weather rides.

Picture of the author
Picture of the author


Our quest for the Holy Grail of cycling gloves has brought us here. The Velobici ride gloves possess everything we look for when seeking protection for our hands - they are light, tactile and deliver the perfect level of warmth over a wide temperature range. Embroidered details to the back of the hand and a VB logo gripper to the palm add that final flourish.

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Water and windproof
  • Breathable
  • VB logo embroidery

Picture of the author


We’ve used high-stretch neoprene for the main body of the gloves, with abrasion resistant fabric on the palms for durability and additional grip.


Velobici ride gloves possess a high level of stretch to fit a wide range of hand sizes with a snug fit to ensure they remain as tactile as possible when gripping the bars.

Velobici cycling apparel is designed and manufactured in England using sustainably-sourced fabrics. We value craftsmanship and sustainability. It is our goal to run a carbon neutral operation by 2025.