Toe Warmers

The essential foot protector, keeping your toes shielded from road muck and biting wind on chilly days.

Picture of the author
Picture of the author


On chilly days with unpredictable weather, your toes can be the first extremities to feel the cold. Our toe warmers slip over the front of your shoe to provide an effective barrier against wind and road filth and are small enough to slip into a jersey pocket if the weather improves. We’ve embroidered a reflective VB logo to the top of the warmers and finished them with binding to the underside.

  • Neoprene construction
  • Reflective VB at the front
  • Binding on the bottom

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The neoprene construction ensures water and wind resistance with exceptional breathability, ensuring your feet don’t overheat.


Designed with a high stretch so the warmer fit snugly over the toe cap and remain in place regardless of the battering they might receive.

Velobici cycling apparel is designed and manufactured in England using sustainably-sourced fabrics. We value craftsmanship and sustainability. It is our goal to run a carbon neutral operation by 2025.