Follow the simple instructions below and get ready to experience unrivalled comfort and performance with the new revolutionary heat-moulding technology.

  1.  Find a large pot with a lid that is big enough to fit one shoe at a time.
  2.  Fill the pot half full of water, or just enough so that the water does not spill over when the (single) shoe is placed inside.
  3.  Bring the water to a soft boil.
  4.  Prepare the shoe, make sure the ATOP lace system is open and ready to put your foot inside.
  5.  Place one shoe heel first into the bag.
  6.  Important, then place the bag into the boiling water keeping the open end hanging over the outside of the pot, then secure the lid to seal the bag during the moulding process and wait for the hot water to work its magic!
  7.  Leave the shoe in the water for a minimum of 10 up to 20 minutes, don’t worry if you get your timing wrong the hot water will not damage the shoe in any way.
  8.  Remove the bag and shoe from the pot, always be careful not to scold yourself with hot steam.
  9.  Sitting on a chair remove the shoe from the bag, then carefully place the heated shoe on your foot, keep in mind the shoe will be hot in order to mould to your foot shape.
  10.  With your foot in the shoe tighten the ATOP lace system until comfortable (do not over tighten). 1
  11. Still seated, position your knees directly over your toes, thighs parallel to the ground creating a 90º angle, hold that position for 15 minutes (be sure your leg, foot and hip are even to insure the shoes is being moulded properly around the ankle, tendon and instep).
  12.  Remove the shoe and allow it to sit for 2 hours, you can speed this process up by placing the shoe in a freezer for 20 minutes

Congratulations! You have now successfully moulded your DL Killer KS1 road shoes to the perfect fit! If for any reason your feet go through any changes the process can be repeated again and again without causing any detrimental effects. And if you were ever going to consider parting with the shoes, the fortunate new owner can go through the same steps.