We love…

Style (to look good is paramount.), riding, summertime, smooth roads, favourable winds.

We hate…

The cold, the wet, traffic, pot holes, punctures, unfavourable winds.


Our on bike Roadwear performance and quality is second to none. Using premium performance fabrics, rigorously tested and all made by experienced professionals with the latest technology, Vélobici Roadwear is the ultimate apparel for all year round riding.

All 100% designed and manufactured in England, we guarantee high spec design, function and quality in all our garments. Choose from a range of short and long sleeve jerseys, bib shorts, jackets, gilets and accessories to take you through the cycling calendar and prepare you for any conditions all year round.


Our seamless knitwear, t-shirts and accessories provide ultimate style and comfort for those that like to rock the cycling look even when they’re off bike.

Our knitwear is made using the latest technology in seamless garment construction to prevent chaffing. Superfine Merino wool knitwear is incredibly soft to the touch, allows the body to breathe and most importantly, looks cool. Choose from a variety of styles to compliment your existing wardrobe, from the classic Lombardy cardigan to the retro Bordeaux jersey, all with rear pockets, thumb hole cuffs and drop back rear hems for that essential ride style.


When Chris was growing up his father was involved in the east midlands textile industry owning his own knitwear factory, this was the time when UK manufacturing was disappearing overseas. It is this experience of family life that eventually lead him to form Vélobici
(pronounced velo-bee-chi).

In 2007 Chris was diagnosed with chronic illness, in 2009 he was informed by his doctors that he could no longer continue with his then business as he was no longer able to continue with the hard manual work that his job required. Having always been active in a family that loved all sports (his brother played professional football for Leicester City ) Chris’s attention turned to thoughts of a career that could encompass his passion for cycling & utilise his love of fashion & clothing.

Vélobici (velo, bike in French & bici bike in Italian) was chosen as the name for Chris to start his cycling brand, the rules were that everything was produced in England. initially designing off bike knitwear in 2010. The finest knitwear with a cycling twist that could perform on the bike & look exceptional off.

Chris knew that to develop a collection of performance roadwear would take much longer, it took a further two years for the launch of the first Vélobici on bike clothing the Van-Abel & Van-Dapper.

Specialist fabrics developed that were new to the cycling world of the highest quality, superior performance, comfort & longevity not previously seen.

Chris had a desire to stay away from outlandish sponsored cycle wear, to design & produce classically understated garments that were more his style .

Clothing fit for purpose with the Vélobici jersey design clearly identifiable without even seeing the logo.

Designed & made in England, from the fabrics being knitted in Nottinghamshire to manufacture in Leicestershire.

Timeless & classic.